Monday, June 17, 2013

Soon the summermega-grind begins!

How are things? I have some extra exams in mid-juli and even though I can increase play a little, I will no go full on until 17th of july. I can though decide a schedule and I think I have learned a lot about disciplin and realistic planning this last year so I am pretty excited to start the grind actually.

I plan on spend 4 hours per day doing FLSH and 4 hours doing PLO (videos+playing+reading) and do that 5 days per week. Gonna shift the regular week slightly so gonna be free most sundays (possible hangovers) and mondays since fridays+saturdays feature the most action.

The difference this year is that the minimum stakes that I am willing to play is even lower and thus if I run bad, I will not take large breaks but just go down playing low, it feels more motivating. I go down to 0.5/1€ FLSH if I have to.

Checked my stats btw and this year and it has been bad in the sense that I wasted time, not money. But if I had my normal rakeback of 50-60% then I would have made more significant amount and that rakeback is gonna be nice too, allowing me to play lower if needed.

Found some sweet books too and found out how to crop and edit them so I can read them on my kindle and if I go to the states next school year I read about the casinos etc and perhaps I will become a live NL-grinder due to the availability of games etc.  That could actually be pretty fun, if I find a nice casino with drinks and loose games and shit with my kindle then I am totally fine with playing NL1/2 too.

Btw, I could perhaps start to play higher, my plan is to cash out shitloads of FPPS+PPs etc this summer that I have stored up. So the value I have is like 6 times my current bankroll so I hope I can grind enough etc but we will see.

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