Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spain and italian player pool combinatioN!?!?!?!?

"Enrique Alejo, Director of Spanish online gaming regulator the DGOJ, is “quite confident” that the online poker player pools in Spain and Italy will combine by the end of the year."
From article by pokerfuse

I mean, wow. That would just be amazing. Would make sense too since pokerstars has the only player pool and often it is not sufficient to run a lot of games.

I have been running a bit better last few days, not playing supermuch but won like 5 out of 6 days which is a nice change. Been a bit distracted with my new computer and the possilibity of playing computer games but I am pretty determined in bumping up my volume for march so ill get in over 10k hands at least, aiming for like 15k hands. Blocked myself from PLO (not that I played nor lost much in feb) since I am just running awful and its too swingy for me atm (fired up a table, second hand i got it in with QQxx topset on QT2 vs AAKx on flop and obv rivered a J which reminded me about the nature of PLO.

Restructured also my monthly report from (thanks google docs!) in order to get a more detailed view and also tried to streamline my reporting system so I could easier see like, how much Ive won/lost in FLSH, PLO, mixed games etc. After a few years of reporting I notice how important it is to label and explain your categories well. For example, I had one cell that were supposed to show "Earnings in USD". That for me would mean winnings/losses + whatever amount of rakeback I got. At the starting time, I got like 125% as a prop, then later I played mostly on sites with 60% and some with lower calculating with an average of 50% RB. Then I added these columns where I put in how much rake I have done with sites with 30% rb and then 60% rb to get a pretty accurate number. And now I play half at maybe around 30% cashback and half without any rakeback due to spanish online poker legislation. All these changes in RB makes a uniform "earning"-cell very hard, especially since I am not sure how I calculated these if the formulas are missing. Add in currency exchange-fluctuations etc and it becomes even more confusing and hard to compare. Anyways, what I did now was a more streamline thing with the focus on using the HM2-rakeback but that would make it important to 1) add the correct rakeback and aliases and 2) do a monthly reporting since importing/exporting HHs makes a lot of hhs go away. I just did a gigant important from the other computer which I played on last 6 months and it only showed about 75% of the hands, frustrating as hell.

Well, all the reporting-stuff isnt really neccessary anymore with my volume but I still enjoy being organized. Talking about organization, I must recommend microsoft onenote which is so freaking amazing if you study or want to take continuos notes. Thought it was gonna be hard transfering over my school/poker notes from the old computer but it was the easiest thing ever and I also was able to divide my notebooks into folder, adding descriptions which makes me even more organized.

Talking about organization, get sugarsync! I just restructured that as well, putting all these small programs, documents etc that I use frequently (placemint, timer gadget, tray-it, allsnap) into one single folder so I dont have to download them each individually everything I format. Also noticed that with the sugarsync 2.0 it is even easier to organize and clean your space. You can look at the "cloud only"-folder and see the filesizes and filenames like an external harddrive and it only starts to download it if you are making edits (like copy/paste etc). I now have 10,5 gb free and if you want 5 gb + 500 mb extra via this link for free, then please click it!

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