Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8kish played, doing average/bad, new computer bought!

Graph in BBs for feb (until 26th)

Graph in USD.
Hey guys. Hope everything is good with all y'all. Been doing good in life, learning a lot and just played poker briefly, gonna put the graphs for the month in this post but I believe ive played 7k hands, not done so well either. This plan with playing on the bus etc obviously only becomes viable on the bus, been staying less in Madrid and more at home studying. Down quite a bit in these few hands but nothing I worry a lot about. Well except one thing. I redeposit a previous winnings from my "real life money" into my pokerbankroll which is EXTREMLY rare but I also made a nice system for me to keep very good track of this and let it not become a habit. As I mentioned last post I think, i do have a lot of value locked up in these vip-programmes at both party, and and I just dont want to cash in points at a shitty rate.

Felt thou that I played pretty unfocused at times even thou I been running poor a few days. Could definetly have saved some cash.

New computer!
Also I bought this new computer. Its gonna be completely awesome, upgrading ram and put in a ssd today and its gonna be so freaking fast. This will determine if the HUD of HM2 is slow in itself (with the popups) or if I just need to go with HM1 from now. I am trying to get back into the methodology and thought patterns as I was when I was winnings nicely and one very important part is to detect strange preflop-patterns as people have. When someone raise utg I want to put up the popup to see what opening range they have but HM2 with all my computer so far has taken like 3-4 seconds to load the popup which is frustrating so I just look at the average pfr they have and make assumptions. Assumptions that is likely to frequently be wrong.
One great thing thou is that I have this amazing new life schedule which gives me a lot more free time than before. I might mentioned that b4 but like today AND yesterday I feel like I have more or less completed all my work which was more or less unheard of for last year. Gonna learn some new software now but hope to master that soon and put that extra time into poker, I really want to start earning decent money again.

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