Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video with 4tabling FLSH

Results so far in march

 Yoyo. Been studying and our internet has been so shitty, its not even funny. Felt that getting disconnected 3-4 times per hour is very detrimental to my winrate and also my mindset (I am a calm kind person but NOTHING tilts me as bad as getting disconnected with topset and see the chips pushed to my opponent when internet returns) so I havnt been in the mood for playing. Been thinking about whether or not I should take a break until I live somewhere with better internet connection. Also thought about renting a 3,5g-modem but I think ive found my solution! And it was there all the time and also quite obvious, using my phone as a wifi-hotspot while playing. I am playing right now, been playing 4-5 hours and so far (knock on wood) it has been flawless and doesnt need to worry that a roommate streams, dropboxes or whatever.

OBS; Actually, I today tried to put my computer on the other part of the desk, not on the "high-side" against the wall and my internet switched from 2-3 staples to 5, haha. And now I have two screens which was nicer then I thought. Problem solved!

Btw, also recorded a video and put down here below but I would say that the commentary and play in it was of a lower caliber, watch it if you'd like.

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