Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holiday = grind + A video (in swedish)

Hey guys. How have you been? Have been wrapping up the term, just finished and had some trouble with some strange teachers that just seemed to set grades on work on random (very inconsequent) and was completly depleted mentally and physically but now I have rested a bunch, doing absolutly nothing for 38h, then went out for dinner and drinks yesterday and been chillaxing today and am ready for some heavy grind, I expected to put in 4 hours per day this week since I have holidays, woho!

This feb+march has probably been the period of time in like 2-3 years that I have been least focused while playing. Not that I dont think ive been +EV, I have, but before I have had a very stable and high quality play on most of my bad runs. Probably played well 60% and halfunfocused the 40% remaining.

Anyways, I hope to change that with some decent volume. Gonna try to play some PLO and perhaps put some videos online but we will see. Would be nice with a strong week to give me some motivation to continue with playing, last 2-3 months usually meant login in, playing 2 hours and have a won at sd of 40%ish and just getting butchered which is not very motivating. I actually had a session of HEADSUP FIXED LIMIT with it taking 118 hands for me to win my first showdown. And he was not even very aggressive, and I wasnt supertight either. Anyways, so I hope to get some volume in, playing most nights and perhaps try to play some very lowstakes PLO when there is not so much FLSH running. Its very possible that I ditch PLO too but it feels like I should give it another attempt to break the current pattern.

Won 197$ first session actually, playing FLSH.

EDIT: Haha oh yes. 200 hands of PLO25€. Down 300$, 197$ under all in EV. Perfect.Gotta love it.

DId a video playing 3-4tables of FLSH and actually did good. Was in a talking mood so I think the video is allright, its probably like 60% random talk about poker lately and 40% strategy. It is rendering now so ill post the link as soon as it is uploaded.

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