Friday, March 29, 2013

Another good PLO-day!

Another good but relatively short pokerday, I am just flabbergasted by my luck, I am very well that it cannot continue like this but it feels great to have 2 great days. Obviously there is a lot of retards at PLO10€ that got it in with 0% eq at times but I have fortunate in some cool spots, won a 5way all in pre with TJKQ and my hand held up 3ways all in deep with me having like Q5T9 with a flushdraw on Q5J and when the board paired a J with me missing all I thought I was dead but no, it "held", just stuff like that.

So, up 26 + 31 buyins or actually, should probably divide that by 1,33 so still a neat 43 buyins in two days. Again, obv dont expect it to continue but it feels great that I have been able to make a decent hourly at such microscopic stakes. Roll is at very low 1370$ (buhu) (have around 5k$ i want to cash out at higher viplevels) so I think Ill continue up to 2k$ with the current stakes and then perhaps mix in some higher stakes but do that gradually. Or ill just lose 60 buyins in one day and decide I hate PLO again :D.

The easter break is btw almost over. I do expect the first 2 weeks in the new trimester to be pretty soft though since a lot of people more or less takes two weeks off and the teachers adjust to that so the real start will likely occur later on. Hope to get some decent volume in.

EDIT: Updated the monthly stats.

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