Tuesday, April 2, 2013

(March 2013) Monthly

Yoyo! March wasnt all that awesome. FLSH recorded one of the worst stats ever recorded after about 10k hands but the positive thing was this (yes 4,5k hands in PLO is not very significative but still!);

Won btw 300$ in FLSH today (in april thou) and I think it will come around very soon and I dont feel so bitter. Maybe mostly because I feel a bit excited about grinding nano-stakes PLO and get a nice volume in there.

Did some calculations btw regarding that and FPPs. So my first goal for the year was just reach supernova. I am very likely though to move to a place where I cannot play on pokerstars.eu so instead of having 12 months, I will likely have only 8 months to reach that status. So the question is whether or not I can gear up and get some volume in on the summer and I think the answer to that question is just how my luck will flow and how PLO will evolve for me. Would be really fun to perhaps be playing 6tables or more on PLO 0.1/0.25 to 0.25/0.5 by summer when I have a lot of time on my hands that would mean that I have to win a lot of cash until then with limited amount of play (i will continue to focus on school and so far, I have never ever been finished nor will I likely be since there is so much stuff slightly outside of what is asked of me that I want to master).

So I just hope to run good until end of june of perhaps 10-15k hands of play per month and then I hope to have the BR and lust to grind and make some nice cash in summer when I perhaps can get in 40-60k hands per month.

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