Saturday, August 17, 2013

HU removal and paaaaahh + Goodbye partypoker

Todays first session. One of the worst sessions this year.
Just recently I had one of the worst runs of this grinding sesh. Lost 562$ and -135 BBs in 510 hands. That is probably a new record. However, 350$ or so of that was HU vs a fish. I say fish, not bad reg, not over-aggro, I mean total fish. I dont play any type of regular HU anymore (even though I previously had pretty nice HU-stats and feel confident in my HU-game) so now I only play fish. For variance and given the fact that I only have a few weeks of grinding then I will exclude any type of megafish for more then 75$. I have had 3-4 sessions like that now which can be seen in this months stats (which doesnt look that awesome anyways).

Everything comes down to variance obviously but also given the fact that HU takes a lot of attention then it makes it an easy decision for now.

This big loss kinda sucked but I was up like 550$ at best last night so I guess it can all come around very quickly. 

Also, I recently became gold-member after earning 1000 points in a month, aka 500$ rake. Had hoped to perhaps sort it out somehow so I can use all my fucking points but no, they will want me to continue to play and basically I will get screwed now no matter how I do it. Apparently the rakeback% will be 60% while playing under the bonus but given the already higher rake at party poker + that it is similar to other offers I can get now anyway makes the bonuses not all that intersting. The gifts are also pretty shitty as you see, ranging from 2,9%-11% RB. I am about to buy a new phone though and I have a little more then I need for the samsung S3...

Anyways, I thought Id make a nice avatar for all the forums, changed it to this, considering adding it to this blog too.

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