Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to the grind after 3-day festival!

Hello! Tssup? Went on a 3day-festival which just finished last night. It was kinda cool, saw a decent amount of bands (missed some too), drank some good beers and had a good time. First day I tried to play poker (wasnt drunk) for a shorty but lost 80 BBs in 110 hands which, being an atheist like I am, I considered to be a sign from god that I should probably not play during these days. So I didnt.

Now the festival is over and even though a new city (free) one starts next week I feel like staying in and grind. Mostly its due to my still broken leg which makes me less party (if that is a slang adjective in english too). I guess boring is the correct word. Not sure if it is about the soft but constant pain or if it is the lack of energy not being able to exercise. No matter which it is, I look forward to be able to run and then finally play football. Healthy living is the shit.

Anyways,  so I thought I would make up for this lost time by grinding some more. Gonna stick to 1/2 and 2/4$ for 1k$ profit more and perhaps even for 2k$. So far summer is still kinda nice even though had a few bad days etc. I really like writing down the hours spent + profits, it gives you more perspective and motivates grinding even though you lost like 1k$ or whatever last few days.

PLO: Regarding that then I found that making zoom videos is kinda nice for several reasons. Normally I it is profitwise suicide to play popular games like lowstakes NL/PLO with shitty rakeback but at these stakes I dont care about the tiny cash, I just want a "score" of an okay BB/100 after some samplesize. So I have one that I have produced and will upload as soon as I got some non-limited connection and think that there is going to be many. Anyways, these are easy to produce and kinda nice.

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