Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nice start to september: Deep cash at final table mixed game + 640$ in cashgame

Yo! Another week, another dollar. Several dollars in fact! Been kinda dismotivated getting pwned by partypoker but also running bad last week and august in general after a great start. Last week I lost 714$ in play in 12 hours. Thought I played more though :P.

Anyways, I realized that I prob wont reach platinum in september and thought I use my FPPs for tournaments. I got this unexploitive shovechart that takes into your position, stacksize, with or without antes and it appears that you can openshove unexploitively up to 26 BBs which is like 90% of alla tournaments. That means a losing proposition obviously given the rake and that you only square the field but at least I can count the 215$ tourney ticket as 200$ EV and not disregard it since I dont feel that I am a superawesome NL-MTT-player. Actually, I am starting to change that approach a little. Not that I am awesome, but ive actually watched some MTT-coaching lately and it appears that if I just tone down the aggression, cbet a lot smaller then I would do in CGs then I think I can be a winning MTT-player. Or maybe that is pushing it, maybe winning in terms of playing when 90% of the field are noobs but then probably getting crushed when more savvy people are still there. So yeah, given the very high ratio of recreational players then I think i have re-evaluated my EV for mtts.

So, I played some tournies! I was doing allright in all but got it in pretty standardly with shoving like 11 BBs on CO with JJ vs AA on BB, another QQ vs KK and then it was something pretty stupid. Ohh yeah I remembered I did a very questionable shove with 99 into topset on Q6T8 haha. Given how the hand went out then that was prob not the best but then there were some hands I think I played a lot better then my opponents. Did some cool moves. Also people donated chips freely. I was kinda shocked why someone would overbetshove 4x pot on Q569 with AQ when I had 87.

So anyways, I bust out of sunday million, partypoker 200k and sundaystorm+big but I registered for a mixed game tournament. I have only played this tournament twice, first time I won in a 3k field for freeroll cash (think i won 150$ in bonuses) and this time the buyin was 100$+ and a field under 100. It was kinda nice though, you have decent chance to get high up, anything more then 3k$ for first would be awesome and motivating for me.

Tourneys in mostly fixed limit betting structures are kinda interesting. At first thought you would think that it would be a total snoozefest at earlier stages but I thought it was well-tempoed throughout in all that I have played, the blinds feel meaningful but not too big with an exception. It would be nice to slow it a bit more in the later stages. Its waay to rushed and there is not that much skill playing 5 BB deep FLSH or anything fixed for that matter.

I also dabbled with this pokertracking-software that works for all games and I think it would be kinda invalueable and an edge that most people do not have. So I imported the tourney and it got through correctly but I cannot find/start a replay, haha. There was 3-4 interesting hands that I recall. This guy I have played some FL08 with went very deep with me and it was crazy how much he thought people folded. I think he plays winning but often suboptimal shorthanded O8 (fulring is totally different btw, moreso then any other shorthanded vs fullring ever could be categorized. I also count myself in that category, I probably do some pretty stupid things, easy mistakes and whatnot but play better then the opposition. Same thing with tripple draw where I prob do some really fishy stuff preflop and dont know stupid easy stuff like how a 762 fair against 743. Or you know, how much eq 8652 have against 234. A bunch of stuff :D. But I think I play better postflop then some.

Anyways, I lost a freaking huge pot with this retard playing one of the worst razzhands ive ever seen, not that I have seen much. He thought I was gonna autofold given that I showed a 7 and he 3bet an A and 3bet my steal. Nevermind, cant find it but I was prob 95ish% to win a megapot.

So here was a kinda keyhand that was nice.

Link to HH, (7card stud hi/lo)

Not so hard to play though. So everyone folds to me and I see K and 2. If the K would chose to vpip then it it would mean KKx 95%, 5% 3cardflush and should be fine, I will likely have position on 4th. Then 2 is obviously not bad but I have apparently 63,1% vs a random 2, 54% eq vs 234, 51% vs A24 etc. I am fine and in my opinion I can probably play well later on if he gets high cards.

Supersetup really. Nice to get paid the max :D.

Link to FL08-hand
I had 2-3 hands that was very interesting that I cannot find but here is another big important hand. Its not big per say but given the fast structure towards the end it cost me a lot of daaaalllarz.

So here on turn I faced the first real decision. I had a lower flush as well as a shitty low-draw and I was considering raising due to his aggressive nature but wisely decided against that thinking I can be crushed vs a lt of hands and that we dont have all that much fold eq in FL08 anyways. Called and it turned out i was 80% and he mega-binked the river for a megapot (like 25% of all remaining chips) and threehanded. Then we ended up chopping with 3 even stacks and played for a smaller sum. Actually, the absolute worst player won the whole thing which was kinda surprising since he was down a lot.

Anyways, I placed top 5 and had a nice score 2k$+ as well as I was running really really good at the cashgames (I noticed after awhile that I was playing a lot worse than normal) and I was actually up 930 sick dollars but I ended up 630$ so all in all it was a very good day.

Had a real urge to continue to play mixed game MTTs + MTTs in general but not gonna go all nuts on that. Stick to current stakes and hopefully earn some more cash the following weeks before school starts. Would be great to win a bit more and hopefully build a live bankroll, I really want to "cultivate" one that is primarily seen as a roll for travelling and playing live poker and if I lose then i wont mind. Would be cool to make nicer and nicer trips and play higher and higher games but thats well lnog in the future :D. But say its only 1k$ then if I live in california then I could easily use that to go to Vegas, play there. Win to 3k. Take that cash and spend extra on a trip to Florida for the live games there. Then up t 20k$ and go to monte carlo, haha you get the drift. That is since a) i want to play more live but not only on stakes that motivates 10 hands/hour and b) live games in general is often very loose and swingy.

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