Friday, June 7, 2013

Good start after break! Up 754$ in play in a week!

Yoyo! How are things? As I mentioned, I took the longest pokerbreak ever for 3-4 weeks and just started playing a little in the end of may. Then played a little in june and yesterday I had a great day where I hit boards like a mofo but the suckouts+setups were actually insane, won 505$ yesterday at 1/2€ and 2/4€. Been playing mostly FLSH and up 754$ in play for june which is very nice considering the stakes. Just finished up a round of playing PLO and cashed in 30$ish dollars. Much more fun to play when u are winning :D.

Been playing some zoom NLHE which I wouldnt do if it werent loose enough and it appears that the spanish NL-players are not that great. Maybe I will continue that. Just did a test of playing exactly 10 minutes of 4table zoom and I got 183 hands. That means about 1100 hands/hour, pretty neat but we will see! Actually, that would be quite cool just to see. Baah maybe later, until then i will just "zoom" until I get my correct amount of tables during waitinglist etc.

Checked out a propsite as well that I used to play with. I was freaking up like 2500€ at NL there +120% RB and I used to get this emails "please come back, u are winning at our site" and it states the amount u are up. The thing is that I saw these emails time and time again and with me playing there, I noticed that the amount decreased and now I am only up on RB there. Anyways, I checked it out and they have made some nice software-improvements and it was a full 10/20€ NL-game (!!!) going on the day I checked and I was playing a 0.5/1€ which was just insanely good, even I was a winner in that game. Got called with 17BB-3bet with KK (I thought I perhaps made it too big) with A8s and Q7o by the steal and the SB and saw some ridicolous play. Probably gonna play that site since the deal is so good, just wish that they started with PLO which would be a lot nicer for me.

So happy times! Got the last physics exam on tuesday though so perhaps ill play a little poker to relax this weekend but not a lot until then. Then though I believe I will have some time. This exam is kinda important and not only do I need to pass, I need to do it with a pretty good grade since the grading works as I need to have an average of 50% for 2 tests and got a shitty score on the first one. This subject is challening and it kinda made me depressed since I felt unusually stupid (normally not the case :D) and thought I would fail this but after seeing the exam and now having exercises and solutions + I found out a good way to practice it then this negative feeling been changed with enthusiasm and hope :). But I better get on it now, hehe.

Have a great weekend guys!

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