Saturday, June 1, 2013

Played a little, soon a lot!

Played poker the last days of may, had a superlong session the other day playing from like 2 till 6 and was down 260$ish dollars on FLSH+PLO and turned it around to +50$  and then yesterday a very quick session where I played very unfocused, lost 30$ish. Been thinking about how I should tackle poker in the future. An aquintance that I was studying that is/was a succesful pokerplayer scheduled it so that he played 0 hands of poker while studying (9 months of the year) and just basically grinded the summer. That summer I studied with him he got very high grades and he didnt really say anything but according to PTR, he won like 60 000$ that summer. Thats more then enough for me :D. In my current state, I would be totally happy with 15 000$ :D. Its just that I have this idea about volume etc but I dunno. I think I will continue with my current style, play 15-40 hours per months when I feel like it an grind the summer, I hope this one to go up in PLO which I have mentioned b4.

Btw, I did a video that I am gonna upload. I realized that I am a bit retarded though, it didnt appear to me that rendering a 60-min long video with full HD-res would take some time, I believe its on the 6th hour right now and its freaking frustrating since im afraid its gonna lag. Actually, just realized that that is no problem, I have two computer, woho!! Btw, I believe I have mentioned this but the current setup I have with a 24"+2 laptops with 4port USB-hub is such an amazing thing. Just change the USB-hub to the other computer and connect the HDMI and boom, I have 1 tb extra storage, a seperate keyboard+mouse, a printer and an extra port for whatever. No need for a second set of mouses etc. Btw, im kinda drooling over this screen which is just amazing and very price--worthy IMO.

Ohh after this I played some FLSH and got a decent start for june. Was up 400$ but finished +300$ instead, still nice! Video comes up very soon, probably gonna upload it in school on monday due to our poor connection.

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