Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plan; Mental return!

Hi guys. How have you been? Me personally havnt played poker since the 3rd which is a long break which was planned and I hoped to continue playing after that but it appears that I will have to put in an extra effort in school. I am studying structural analysis right now which is hard but not impossible but I dont know, my head doesnt get a proper understanding of the principles as it usually does so if I dont do something I will fail this class. That would suck.

Been playing a bit starcraft thought when I've been to tired to study and I found that both (SC and poker) more or less has the same function for me so maybe I should uninstall SC2 and use these hours to play instead.

The break was a bit problematic to my vip-levels at stars. I truly hate vip-systems with requirements since it always gives you this feeling of waiting longer and longer to cashout bonuses etc and there is now so freaking much cash I would appreciate that I am saving since I will reach a higher vip-level in the summer. I truly miss weekly steady rakeback, that is freaking freedom.

However, I did what I normally do given numbers etc and did some calculations of how much I would gain if I "upgraded" to a few different vip-levels. It appears that the sum I would save atm was a bit lower then I thought. In the start of the year I was doing okay towards supernova but me moving out of the country midyear and running bad then the maximum I can reach is platinum. I am silver atm after the break but gold is easily achievable and probably platinum as well. So seeing the number of fpps i have and the amount I would lose cashing in at the lower value bonuses made me more relaxed. I get robbed theoretically but my current low volume gives low rake the the dollar-figure is less important.

I am excited though again about poker, I look forward to try again with PLO and perhaps I will even megagrind the nano-stakes FLSH to get some volume in. Like 9tabling 0.5/1€ if there is.

OHH, another thing I will try to do later is to start propping and just pull up some tables and hope to get some action. Propping is such a great thing but unfortunatly it requires special conditions in order to suit you. Right now I dont mind having a table in the background while I am studying and when an opponent comes, ill play them HU with 100% RB but I understand that doesnt really fly with people that like to put a solid 3hour grind-sessions with good volume.

Another thing I would like to do is going back to scratch with FLSH and play 1 or 2 tables and talk about basic things in a video.

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