Sunday, April 21, 2013

Homegame and decent slow-but-steady-streak!

PLO-graph for 1-21 apr

9 of 10 winnings days in april! Woho!


School has kicked in and I had an amazing barbeque yesterday with some new people and they actually started to talk about a game of poker. Normally I am not to keen on poker in social situations since I play enough already and want to seperate the two but of course its more fun to play then to observe so I put the gigantic stake of 5€ in. It was a sit-and-go and I counted 54 chips each and we had the rules of starting with 0.5/1 and up it for every two people that went out. My friend bet/3bet all in with AJo on KQQJA on the river and went out as the other guy called with AT, haha lol on that.

Then I got shitty hands and people doubled and trippled up and when it was 4/6 in blinds I went all in on 632 with 2 clubs and got called by 33 and lost. They actually got surprisingly good hands come to think about it, this was like 20 hands in and one guy got AA and KK and then this set, hehe.

Anyways, it was fun to play with having a girl to either side to talk to that had this exciting mysterious feeling about poker that we all might had in the beginning but that now has vanished.

Online in april I have played 6950 hands according to HM! 4578 of these hands being PLO and I have a WR of 5,4 BB/100 and I am down about 6 buyins in all in EV. The graph shows more but that is on a site that only shows  all in-hands when you lose so if you only take then its about -6.

I have been playing PLO10 and occasionally good PLO25 and as you see, I have won 9 out of 10 playing days in april! As you see, these winning days have been pretty small but I cherish it still, looking forward to play some more when I have the time.

Gotta transfer over some poker-stuff to my kindle and some pokervideos for my tablet so I can perhaps read some on the bustrips. I am doing this sprained ankle-rehab right now which takes a bunch of time after school (about 3 hours every day) which sucks but at least I can use this time commuting catching up on poker-theory which havnt been a big part of this year. Not, that I have played much either.

Got some exams coming up but I hope to have the study discipline so I can perhaps get up to 12k hands played for all april.

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