Sunday, April 7, 2013

PLO - winning!

Hey guys! I am just fine. Been to the gym again after the holidays (it was closed) and did some bicycling which was nice. A poor thing in itself but it is acceptable in shorts spurts or with something to listen to. Btw, I knew a long time that I can take books online here in Spain via my swedish library but I was not really sure what to read so I didnt read that much for 1-2 months. Now though I found this kategories which made it very easy to browse and find books you like. Gonna read about some italian wines (history etc) and then I am likely to read some philosophy. Its nice to have something else than poker and school to think about and the good thing about books is that the subject changes frequently in comparison to your line of work or poker.

Anyways, now we just started but I believe school is gonna get heavy soon but I hope to be able to play a decent amount. So far march actually has been quite good to me, at least decent. Won small sums at microPLO and I have won 5 ouf of 6 days! The day I lost I really played shit btw, oh god, it was embarrasing. Had 2 beers which is nothing really but hadnt eaten and noticed that I wasnt playing that great. Alcohol and poker is usually not a problem for me at all but this time it was.
Have played 6,1k hands of PLO now and have an all in BB/100 of 4,4 which is not amazing but played some hands pretty bad plus that session when I lost too much so I am actually happy about that. Of course this could all change very quickly but I hope that I can finish most of my school work in the weekdays and then party one of the weekend-days and then play a bunch the other two nights of the weekend to get some volume in.

Difference in my game:
I feel I have more understanding of the situations and I am a bit tighter but also more aggressive in spots that I was a bit weak in before. Today I made a very aggressive bet/3bet on the river with the nutflush-blocker which I probably would have given up on 3 months ago. Btw, the phenomenon on the A-flushblocker is a pretty old topic but I struggle to decide on the frequency I should bluffraise with it. Of course it depends on the player but the nature of microstakesPLO is that you only have maximum a couple of hundred hands on the opponent but probably around 20-50 on most of them. So you normally cannot take "it depends on the player"-approach but have to do a general approach and i dont know. I normally find though that people do not tend to call down very lightly in PLO in general, especially not on flushboards without a paired board so I think I will smash A-blocker quite often.

Noticed btw that I lost on but won steadily on another site. To few hands to draw any conclusions but I might have to think about that later. Have to start watching some PLO-vidz again also. I have a bunch in store. Also I realized I made a quite huge currency-problem, I was playing at like double size stakes on one of the size because I didnt calculate. No biggie but now I stay at mostly PLO10€ with adding the best 10c/25c if I dont have enough tables.

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