Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in school, winning in life but losing in poker lately :(

Hey guys. Been bad at bloggin lately, very expected thou. Got down to spain about 2 weeks ago now, have been a lot of fun and so far the school is pretty chill but the partying and the heat has severely pacified me. Been playing here and there and won 250$, 100$, 50$ and then this saturday I played a longer session and the doomswitch came on and I lost 620$ at pretty low stakes. Ran bad at PLO but equally bad at FL, no biggie but it sucks a bit since the rest of september has been so bad. I am currently down the biggest amount so far this year (about 2k$) but havnt played much and feel confident in my game but as I am limited to one single site then it will be hard to recoperate (spelling?) that before september ends.

Been doing allright overall this year in PLO and I am somewhat forced to play it now but I am thinking about just going with the very limited FL-action there is at the site. I wont play 1/2$ but might step in to the 2/4 that is running frequently and wait for 5/10 action which also comes at times and use the waiting time to learn spanish.

Oh btw, I have been extremly close to go out to the casino several times but it still hasnt happened due to some homework and missplanning. Even thou it is a bit of a hassle going to casino gran madrid, I still am quite allright with commuting nowadays with my ebokreader + smartphone with tvshows and audiobooks so the perhaps 70 min ride (+20 min of transfering, waiting etc) might not be so awful.
Even thou the pokeryear started out decently and has recently declined a bit then I would still say I am in a good place in general. Life is very good at the moment and have no major problems losing 2 months in a row (especially after such a steady winning streak!). Last month was a high winrate at both games (FLHE & PLO) but lost like 4k$ of EV at higher and this month I have just played well in small volume and got royally screwed. Shit happens.

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