Monday, September 3, 2012

BAAAAH! Down like 130 BBs in a day

Yesterday I started pokerseptember with losing about 1100$ at mostly 3/6 and 4/8 with a bit of PLO mixed in. Lost 250$ at PLO while my all in was +10$ at 0.25/5 and just ran like mad on FL. Won 43,2% of showdowns in 1200 hands, safe to say it was one of the worst days so far. First session I played I lost like 800$ and then the second one I lost the rest and maybe I should have quit since internet was lagging quite hard and I got disconnected a few times. Normally it just lagged, all my actions where delayed but then I had nutflush and got folded to the river in a $100pot to a 10$ bet which sucked so bad. Having bad connection on poor clients is not a good thing. In that regards then I am sad to not be playing stars so much since I enjoy their system and I do not lose shitloads of cash. Gonna move to a new place next week and truly hope the internet will prove to be stable.

Today I deposited on party for once. Not really sure why. They used to have awful games and the worst reward programme of all time but I have shitloads of points that I would enjoy to cash out. Not really sure on how much time I need to spend on my current stakes to reach gold or whatever but that would be nice since I previously have raked a bunch and never used a single point in their shop.

Ohh btw, got a bit pissed off with the knowledge that I have lost 7000 points due to being inactive at party for 6 months. For you that doesnt know, 2 party points is apparently 1$ rake or vice versa so in any case that is a very harsh fee. Its not so hard to subcome this fee but I think it is pretty detering for players in general. Poker is about freedom and having demands on your volume is not very cool.

Continued to run bad today. Believe i 3bet flop 754 and I capped turn A vs a steal and river was a A vs a guy that went all in with his last 20$ on the river and he showed A7o. Then I lost to a gutter and also lost AA vs a runner runner flush on a retarded board (like T22 vs 96s) and suddently I was down 350$ in 15 hands. Always nice with a good start.... Feels OK thou but I sure would like to get a month with a nice profit of like 4-5k$ soon. Feels like I deserve it.

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