Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plan on my play, hours, games and blogging

Plan on blogging;
I intend to write 1-3 posts per week, more hands, graphs etc. I think I will report my results until I am up over 100k SEK which is about 14k$ for the year. I am currently (may 2012) 55% towards that limit.
Hopefully I will have time/energy/money to play more mixed games/PLO and that would help me with the blogging since I feel pretty confident in what good FLHE is while learning these games are somewhat of a new world.

The idea is also to share a little of my personal life etc and what I do but most focus is on the poker.

Plan on what games to play
My longterm successful game is fixed limit shorthanded poker. I have been winning at all FLHE but 2-4handed is a lot more swingy then 5-6handed so I tend to go back there if I feel less "gambly".

I do like to continue to play PLO, FL08 and mixed games too but decided that it should be for lower stakes until I get better at it. So far it has been going well but past results in PLO has been worse.

Playing time - how much?
I have been playing around 8-15k hands per month since I started this university. That feels like a good balance between poker and life. Will probably not stray too much from that unless there is holidays.

What stakes to play
I set 80k sek for the year as my limit on play at $10/20 and 35-80k for $5/10 and below. As said above, I am now up 55k for the year. After that I am very happy to stay around $10/20 for a long time.

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