Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First post

Hi people

I thought it was time for me to start blogging in a more serious form. There are several advantages with this format over a forum blog, hence the switch. I will read and answer every question you will have (as long as they are serious!) and I truly encourage them.

What do I play?
80% fixed limit shorthanded holdem. 10% pot limit omaha and 5% mixed games and 5% fixed limit omaha hi/lo shorthanded.

About my poker career
I have been playing fixed limit holdem since I was 18 which was awhile ago. Started with fixed limit and bonus whoring, playing really bad at the stakes 0.5/1$ to 3/6$. Got an prop offer with 125% rakeback but with the condition of playing at minimum $5/10 and that is when I started making serious money. Played at mainly $10/20 to $30/60 daily for 3-4 years across different sites with a nice winrate, then I got into 6-9 tabling and autopiloting these shorthanded games, still with a decent winrate but then the autopiloting + personal issues + boredom + playing way too high (up to 100/200$) caused me to play worse and registered a very poor year 2009 after crushing 2008 at 2.9 BB/100 over 300k hands.

This caused me to think about poker in combination with life and made a major restructuring. I played lower, worked my way up with a few bumps and some problems losing most of my winnings lower by playing higher and running bad and now finally in 2012 I am in the prospect of playing higher again with decent winrates and higher stakes again, even thou I intend to move up very slowly.

My biggest obstacles/leaks in poker;

  • Playing less focused (tired)
  • Playing too high when seeing juicy games and 

This has gotten a lot better in the later years and now I believe I have a pretty good balance and both are heavily reduced. I can get into why and how I have reduced this in later posts.

Purpose for this blog
I have always been writing a pokerblog the last 3-4 years but I found some of the post pretty uninspired and a bit boring. The reason why is the feeling I had to post my daily results, my daily grinding results. With this blog, I hope to make every post better but instead of 1 per day I will try to do 1-3 per week.

I also think it is a nice way to reflect on your game, your results and have an outlet for your thoughts. I also thought it would be great to switch up the language to make it readable for everyone outside of Sweden.

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