Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Return to FLSH, then we will see!

Yo! I more or less decided to quit online poker after losing like 2700$ at 10c/25c PLO in 4-5 days. Felt good that it was time to end poker and looked forward to new challenges. Then I started to think differently. Its PLO that went crappy this year. Fixed always goes okay/well.  And the projects I am doing atm need some permissions and enquiries before proceeding so I will have ample time to do other shit. Anyways, so I decided to just play FLSH these 5 weeks now. I guess that means I will play weekends and some evenings given the action online. I did check the rake stats and checked my winrate on sites etc and did this hourly calculator to motivate me. What it does is that it is a spreadsheet and 1 table of 2/4€ on stars will historically give, lets say 5$. Then if I write 2 it becomes 10$. If I add an ipoker table at 1/2 it perhaps adds 7$ since the cashback might be  better. Anyways, so I log in, check the tables and if I get over x hourly ill grind. Its cool.

I also got some deals set up and shit, poker feels ok again. Just lost 160$ first day, no biggie though. Gonna grind 1/2 to 3/6.

FLSH action is very much declining but the last few days of checking then I realize there are a few games running, a good 10/20$ is quite nice and yeah, I might just grind FLSH, hope to get a lot of hands in and if I win, I could feel brave enough to tackle PLO again.

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