Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Off to hawaii - 4 days - 4921 hands PLO

Yo! Final day is over and unfortunatly it didnt go splendid. All in all during these day I played 4921 hands PLO and won 121$ at a WR of 11,5 ptBB/100. It felt a little shitty with the last day -200ish but you cannot really wish for any higher WR than that. Last day also featured more interesting hands.
This day I was trying to take copious notes on the regs, mainly regarding betsizing. I should probably dwell more into the notecaddy-notes but the amount of info can sometimes overwhelm you and you think like "Ill get into that later". 
Im trying to not complicate thought processes way too much vs bad players but obv try to think somewhat balanced vs regs. So in this case, I was trying to figure out what my turnline would be depending on the card. With the given card the fold is easy but perhaps I should change stuff. So after a 4bet I tend to bet 1/3ish or perhaps sometimes 1/2pot. I probably CB too frequently btw. So here I go for a slighly small CB and he calls. On turn I kinda give off a lot of weakness but then again, this turn is not great in regards to his callings range I feel (good for him). 
When he calls, I would discount like 75% of all Q9x-combos and Q6xx combos. I could be very wrong but I feel that he would shove any 96xx. That leaves flushdraws and semi-wrap + pair combos. With that I think its a fold vs any 9-K on turn. Check/folding is superior to any type of bet IMO. But how about the action on the other cards? Checkcalling would perhaps induce bluffs/semibluffs and sometimes it goes check check and I can evaluate if i want to valuebet on the river. Do people agree?

Hero (MP): $394.63 (197.3 bb)

CO: $664.35 (332.2 bb)

BTN: $400 (200 bb)

SB: $1,205 (602.5 bb)

BB: $144.76 (72.4 bb)

Preflop: Hero is MP with A A J 7

Hero raises to $6CO raises to $17.25, BTN calls $17.25, 2 folds, Hero raises to $72CO folds, BTN calls $54.75

Flop: ($164.25) 6 9 Q (2 players)

Hero bets $61, BTN calls $61

Turn: ($286.25) J (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $267 and is all-inHero folds

Results: $286.25 pot ($7.15 rake)

Final Board: 6 9 Q J 

Hero mucked A A J 7 and lost (-$133 net)

BTN mucked and won $279.10 ($146.10 net)
Here is a biiiig hand I lost and I obv felt kinda retarded. I do think though that I couldnt have done very much about it given how he had played. So he was 70/50/4.7 and going to SD a lot. The sizing for me waaas screaming blockerace but what is peoples experience regarding this? My hunches can be way off. If this would have been any less aggresive or loose, this would have been a fold for me.
Boss, $1/$2 Pot Limit Omaha Cash, 4 Players

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BB: $513.47 (256.7 bb)

CO: $400 (200 bb)

BTN: $276.77 (138.4 bb)

Hero (SB): $836.76 (418.4 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 7 Q 8 9

CO raises to $7BTN raises to $12, Hero calls $11, BB calls $10, CO calls $5

Flop: ($48) 7 K 5 (4 players)

Hero checks, BB bets $48, 2 folds, Hero calls $48

Turn: ($144) T (2 players)

Hero checks, BB bets $144, Hero calls $144

River: ($432) 8 (2 players)

Hero checks, BB bets $309.47 and is all-in, Hero calls $309.47

Results: $1,050.94 pot ($15 rake)

Final Board: 7 K 5 T 8 

BB showed 4 J A 4 and won $1,035.94 ($522.47 net)

Hero mucked 7 Q 8 9 and lost (-$513.47 net)

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