Thursday, February 13, 2014

16k hands and huge loss in january, increased volume in february till march.

Down 3k$ at plo. -1,3k all in EV.
YOO!! January ended, i played about 16300 hm and lost 3241$ USD and 2350$ in HM2. That means i lost about 900 in horse, NLHE and stud hi/lo which I played some and ran bad. Lost 2900 USD in PLO but only -1300 usd in all in EV which kinda reflects what I felt. I was however up 3000 USD over all in EV in december so I cant complain too much. Just kinda sucks because 1) I cashed out 85% of my roll in the beginning of january and 2) Its hard to deposit to the sites I can play right now.

Anyways, with this teacher and the subjects + my increased productivity then I believe I can put some volume in for poker. Not sure whether or not I should play a european site (I have to play mornings) or play 2 americans sites in the evening or whatever. We will figure that out. What I do know is that I want to blog more and put up a lot more hands, especially here when the traffic is not that great and I just cannot fire up 6 tables at wanted stakes within 5 minutes with good rakeback. What is likely is that I will put down a 3,5h block of poker every weekend and being mentally prepare to play about half of that and review + and post the rest with some hhs etc.

EDIT: Woho, just won 110$ at WPN :).

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