Sunday, January 5, 2014

Short recap of 2013

Yo! I did check out the yearly stats for 2013! I am kinda proud even if it didnt amount to shitloads of money really. Played 56k hands of PLO and all-in ev bb/100 was positive! Not to an impressive amount but it feels cool having that "much" data and have a positive result. It is most about how feel and about the future. It feels like I am not totally a lost cause at PLO :). I am also very sure that a lot of people would be displeased with the same result, it was only +3,36 bb/100.

Also re-checked the results and hourly and shit for the summer and that is also quite promising for the future. If you recall, i started very very low and grinded shitloads during the summer when I didnt have school and even though playing FLSH 0.5/1$ and 1/2$ cannot possibly generate a nice hourly, the hourly for the whole summer was decent.

Live I continued losing as usual. Played 6 nights, lost 3k$.

For 2014 I intend to start out low again at all stakes, PLO 10c/20c and FLSH 2/4 and probably do a mix of the two since I can only play at one single site in the states where ill be until july. Then ill grind 1,5-3 months hard during the summer and perhaps 1-2 weeks during christmas and new year. Like 2013 and there I played 134k hands FLSH and 56k PLO. I guess the ratio will depend on how well PLO continues but I assume to put in more PLO, due to what I mentioned above. Doing 25k blocks of each level seems more fitting in PLO since there are a lot more tables than FLSH.

So yeah, hope to play the same amount but slightly higher so would be great with 50-100% of the profit from last year.

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