Sunday, December 29, 2013


Incredible results! +17,6 bb/100 in all in EV, +26,8 bb/10 in actual result :).
Haha title said it all. So I have been running just incredibly crazy since ive returned to europe. I have been playing at a few different network, again, I cannot understand why people keep to one site. I have been playing at around 25c/50c PLO and one of the network is just infested with nits, 90% of the tables have 4-5 nits that have 20k hands+ on while on the other network is just filled with fish! This network was popular like 5+ years ago in Sweden but i havnt heard people grinding there for a very long time. Good for me!

The same thing happened btw in regards to Merge. I kept telling people to harvest the goldmine that was merge like 4 years ago, it was just insane with average table vpip over 55% but then it took like a year until every grinder switched to merge and it became rockheaven. Anyways, my suggestion is to play all sites with around 40-70% cashback, use tablescanner turbo and see what tables are good. If a lot of hhs and stuff like that is important then just do 3-4 days of overall grind, determine what sites are good and use 1-3 of them. It was day and nite this time but even the tightest of sites offers good tables at times, depending on the stakes of course!

Anyways. I havnt played the best poker of my life really but I have won shitloads very very quick. I have just been hit over the head with cards, topsets, multiway all ins-wins and the winrate for the last 5k hands is over 100 bb/100 which obviously is sick :D. Yesterday I came to a 10c/20c table with 20€ and left with 380€. Hehe a large portion of the win though was a shot I took with 133€ at 1/2€ and left with 1910€ :D. I understand that this cannot last and I have to be less overwhelmed over the rungood and the downfall can come quick.

I am about to make a yearly report soon though and I might talk about that in this blog too. 2007-2008 was a great year for me pokerwise but 2009-2012 has been a battle uphill and I learned a lot regards to keeping the stakes low, producing volume, refrain from autopiloting, discipline, life-work-balance etc. That becomes very apparent when you check the different types of stats throughout the years. I am not going to dwell on past years too much but like every year there is something new ive learned. I would though argue that I have a lot of sklansky bucks due to huge amounts of bad luck, especially at higher stakes. Even if I could have had a decent salary keeping myself at $3/6-5/10 then I cannot really regret TOO MUCH taking shots at higher stakes even though some years I lost all of the profit at 50/100$. God, now I am getting too tired of talking. Good thing I just won a welcome amount of cash getting a lot more luckier than average. Now it just remains about 250k$ :D.

I might do something more structured for the yearly report but not sure how much info I want to be public. We will see!

EDIT: Days after writing this I had a similar winning day and just kept crushing :).

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