Sunday, September 8, 2013

Disciplined man. Summer-grind approaching the end.

Yoyo! Whattapp!? So Ive continued grinding and it's been good. I had a great day with up 722$, and some others too. I am pretty happy with being up 3183$ in play (2150ish is the tourney :D), especially since I feel like ive been playing my b-game a lot when I am doing some mixed games and also tourneys. I need to keep the games separate.

Anyways, so sunday was up and I had to defend my place but unfortunatly I went out kinda early. Went very deep in a big tourney at but was a bit spewy in bad spots which was kinda undiscplined but then I went out with 1,5 average stack close to ITM with AQ vs JJ and that was that. Decided that I will only use my fpps/pps for mtts, never gonna pay the 215$ or whatever, feels like an okay balance.

So I was deep in one then and that forced me to play a very long session. You can see that it was 4,5h or so and I normally only play 2h:ish. I am really happy with my comeback, the wtsd/w$sd is probably the sickest (I know its easy to say this a lot) considering the 2,5k actually played but I won this mega-hand of 280€ or so in PLO and then kept my focus and also run a lot over EV (finally!) and managed to go from -650$ to -33$ for a long day of 3812 hands and 8 hours. I lost 450$ in tourneytickets that i didnt pay for but got like 200$ in rakeback so I dunno. It was an okay day but like that I kept my spirits up.

Its very easy btw to keep spirits up when you had recent success. I know success is a bit strong word but relative to my living style etc then I am happy with what I have earned this summer, mainly in end of july but now then also early september which august being shitty. It doesnt feel like a waste of time and I noticed today that I dont get down being stuck 200 BBs or whatever. Great feeling.

Booked a vacation now to Japan and prob gonna bring the laptop but grinding will prob not happen that much. I expect one more grinding week and then that is it before going to the US.
What a comeback, long monste-rgrind

I was also about to post some mixed game result but I was suprised of how few hands ive actually played. I have around 300 hands of each game. Its kinda irrelevant in that sense but im winning at fl08, razz, nlhe while losing at the stud and stud08 as well as triple draw. Anyways, gonna start later on to actually check stats and some stuff, I love stats :D.

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