Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April summary

All games in april in USD

It was going great except from the last day where a very slow but steady result turned into a loss in one days havoc. Was winning a lot of days at PLO10€ and was up a small amount in (400$ish) and then a little RB. During this mainly PLO-times I totally started to get why the NL/PLO-people have such a lack of about rakeback and so on. It truly feels like small shitty amounts when you look at HM2 at a day-to-day-basis. Of course, it is more significant in FLSH since its so disgustingly over-raked but still, its so freaking important for your winrate.

The volume this month btw was very low. I mentioned this before perhaps but for 3 weeks I had 3 hours taken out of every day for doing (foot)rehabilitation and you know, adding that to my already timeconsuming studies then that meant little time for poker. I btw did this spreadsheet just to see what my winrate is at PLO given the fact that half my action is at one site that all in EV doesnt show and another site where it does. Also, my winrate has been very high for a short period of time at one as well as I have been losing at another. So I did this spreadsheet to calculate a BB/100 that was as accurate as possible taking into account the all in EV when its correct but disregarding it if it is not. Considering that I played some pots like complete shit then I am pretty happy with my WR even thou its for very few hands.

So it shows that 851 BBs under EV so 17 buyins in april.

Wanted to check out the same BB/100 but for the last 2-3 months and apparently played about 10k hands and that was also fine even though not very impressive, especially given the stakes and I do realize its "lol samplesize".

Here it appears that I must have been above all in EV first 1,5 months since here we have 652 buyins under ev, 13 buyins.

All in all, it is perhaps the wrong focus and it is inconclusive but I do enjoy making excel-sheets etc and it does give me something. Also, it is a way of BR-management of course.

Anyways, then we had the last day where I lost 600$ish and ended up the last day with a losing month being 98% in the green or rather, light green. That day (yesterday) was pretty frustrating, it felt like I had never seen more top2 vs sets in FLSH which has some truth to it and after the session I was writing a blogpost saying that I planned to take a break from poker due to weak results the last couple of months. That feeling is somewhat cured by the PLO-results actually and the shitty feeling I felt yesterday is gone and I just want to get some volume in this month and do around 15kish hands.

Got holidays this week and might travel to Paris but if not then I hope to get some action in, say 2-3k hands of PLO per day or so. Want to play a bit tonight but am feeling kinda tired and had some Sangria so that is probably not the best idea.

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