Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Using your time effectively plus the trap of VIP-systems


Results continue to be tame, winning very few showdowns, down about 150 BBs or so for feb, 5k hands played. I am in this great mood however, I have snowed in on learning a few new things in school and spend every waking hour on this stuff. Tried to combine it with playing 1table today but felt that I was better off playing 3-4 tables without doing anything + fulltime on learning else rather then doing some sort of mix. I dont know about you but I constantly think about using my time effectively and sometimes it totally works 1tabling or so while doing other stuff (if you are "bumhunting" or playing stupid opponents) while sometimes it does not. This time the mix didnt work very well.

Soo I hope to learn these things quickly and perhaps turn february around and playing a bit more in a week or so. I am still on pace for supernova (17k VPPs) so ill just try to have this volume going and we will see from there. So according to timeanddate it has been 42 days this year. 17k vpps per 42 days. So in this tempo I will reach supernova after about 246 days of the 365. It obviously has a great buffer but the question is not whether or not I will reach it. Since the stars vip-programme is not that great and I always look for EV and the better vip-rebate is at supernova-level which means I will have to do wait than a half year in order to recieve any sort of cashback, this is the important part. For any FLSH-player (since the WR is so marginal in terms of BB/100) that would be a bit problematic and swingy since we rake such huge quantaties in comparison to any sort of winrate.

Ohh well, ill just make sure I dont belowpace and all will be solved soon. I should really try thou during the summer to get a high vipstatus on party and cash out the like 5k$ equivalent of point i already have gathered up during the years with more or less the same argument, it would be stupid to use these points at a lower vip-level. That cash would definetly come in handy now since the BR is at all time low again due to a low of uncashed vip-points.

I guess it all highlights how bad the vip-systems of the industries greats are but also how smart it is to make the system like that in comparison to the others which gives us frequent rakeback with higher amounts which in turn give freedom which is what most pokerplayers want anyways.. Well, no reason for moaning, just lets make the best of it and after all, all in all I would definetly say I unusually happy in life outside of poker ATM.

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