Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All in PLO-project starts officially 21 dec


How is everyone? I am personally feeling great, have had a good year in general but now I find myself spontaneously just being in a good mood without any reason at times, pretty rare occurrence normally but of course it is a good thing. I did some research on PLO, hourly wages and stuff.

Dont know if people know but I have played PLO on and off for like 2 years, first year I played pretty bad (got it in too loose) while year two I feel like I have been playing better (but probably not great if you compare to good players in general) but have ran pretty bad but with very limited sample size. Probably played like 12k hands total of PLO and lost like 13 BB/100 or so, not sure on the figures at all.

Anyways, I watched videos on and off and played a few hands but never went really all in on PLO. Been thinking about just focusing on that (and not play other games) so I finally become really good and get some decent sample sizes. The reason why is mainly due to the traffic at FLSH which is awful if I dont have access to all international sites in spain. Playing FLSH at lowstakes at the 2-3 sites I can play at is usually not very satisfying at all, usually it means onetabling and not the stakes I would prefer.

So the research was to see winrate-stats by grinders with huge samples, doing some averages depending on stakes and see what kind of BB/100 is attainable over huge stakes and what kind of BB/100 i can expect in rake etc. When I have done that then I can construct table of how much money I would earn playing x tables of PLO50 with y winrates and z rakeback. I usually use this as a motivation for me to play lower and also keep on grinding thinking that "well, if I at least can play breakeven at 60% rakeback" at 5tables then the minimum wage for me would 50$/hour then worst case secnario I will still earn a decent of mount if I run bad or so".

Well, these tables are now done and it appears that people are definetly able to sustain higher winrates at low stakes then I thought was the case. Before I thought playing at PLO50 was like earning nothing but it pays pretty well with high rakeback and I plan that to be my maximum for A LONG while. I mean, a long while in terms of winnings.

So anyways, I will formulate a short posts with goals and some rules etc as I am finish up the lasts exams and  I have more freetime over. I plan on some rules with hands/day, strict BR-rules and other stuff too. Probably start at least with 2500$ specific PLO-bankroll and probably make controlled shots at loose tables. Plan on playing on the 3 network with the highest rakeback and 4-6table. Well, more specific (but short) rules in the future.

If someone have any suggestions btw then please comment!

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