Thursday, November 15, 2012

Running ass and wtf?

God. Kinda annoyed today. Played the swedish fixed limit holdem champoionship, about 90$ buyin and then realized that it was 10handed. For you that doesnt know then fullring fixed limit is boring. And I really like fixed limit holdem. The value however was great. Had like 5 guys over 60% vpip and some retards that had 80% won at sd, didnt really get that many hands but cruised along. Then the blinds started to get bigger and bigger and I hit some hands. Then I got pretty rough beats, JJ vs AA on like 862TJ, K8 vs A8 on similar 842 etc etc. Nothing amazing but they added up. Then I magically got lucky in one hand, BTN raised and I 3bet on SB. Flop QQ3 and I c/raised and he 3bet and I raised turn and he turned out to have KK. That was nice.

Anyways, then I was top 20 with less then 100 left and lost like 8 consecutive pots I got AQ vs AJ and we get 8bet all in pre (i had 8 BBs) and obviously 2jacks came and i missed JT8-flop for double gutter. Assumed also that I lost a bunch in the cash game during but apparently won 30$. Not a bad day really but got kinda annoyed.

It feels like I am not in the right mindframe for poker right now. Not that I play bad, I just rarely enjoy it but it could have to do with the fact that I am 3500$ below all in ev in 3817 hands PLO and FL is going kinda slow. Up 600$ in winnings in FLSH but no rakeback adding to that for 3 months which makes for a pretty shitty hourly, actually, maybe not sooooo bad considering i probably played like 20 hours or so. Expect to play very little until christmas when I go back to sweden and then ill probably play a pretty decent amount.

Life otherwise thou is very good! I am getting more and more effective and feel like I am doing more stuff in general.

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