Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Laaaast chance of hope!

As I was withdrawing all the cash, I started thinking about if there were not another type of poker I could focus on that would be profitable too but perhaps less swings and like, something new and exciting. I decided to check out some Cardrunners and just grind away with only 250$ with and if I lose it, then it is truly over. The good thing is that I have won 5 of 5 days so far, its up to 850$ Im gonna continue to take this slow, keeping in mind that if I bust poker is out and we will see, it is extremly possible I am just running good.

The reason I am not mentioning the game is that it has a small pool and I dont want to get any more grinders if it turns out I am crushing it early on. I bet there is a lot of goldmines out there that people are not aware of. I would imagine like headsup flhe sit and gos would be great since recreational players seems to like SNGs and they might mistakenly register for FLHE instead of NLHE or whatever. The problem with that one though is the time-consuming-part, I guess it has to be $100-sngs or something like that for it to be worth the time.

Also played some MTTs for my free tokens on different sites and yesterday I was doing well. Of 850 people I was 4th with 17 to go. Looked down at AA on the big blind, utg chipleader raised 3x and sb calls, I do like 15x and chippy ships it. It shows KK and obviously flop goes KQ2 and J on turn to give me a little hope but something raggy comes on river and I am out :(. If that is not a tell that the pokergods want me to quit then I dont know what is!

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