Friday, October 19, 2012

Helluuu! School starts and spanish regulation

Hellu! How are things? Its awesome with me, I am continuing settling in my new apartment, the second year of studies and all that stuff. I have some awesome new classmates, met a lot of nice people in a short time and all is great in general. This has equalled to the least amount of poker played in, well, probably in 4-5 years or so. Some of it thou is not voluntarily since I am still not able to play at most international sites and I havnt really replaced any of those with spanish accounts. Feels frustrating to sign up without rakeback and I still want to play mostly fixed limit so I mean, I am in no rush to possibly ruin any RB at the few spanish online poker rooms that has decent traffic. So I am basically enjoying life in general and it feels great and I have no trouble waiting really for something to get me more action.

Live poker in Madrid
I have been sooo close in taking the first step towards the live scene of live poker in Madrid. Did some research about some stuff and apperently I can use electronic devices at the table which means that it can be a pretty great time to read some spanish books + study in general since I have a lot to read and I have become better at reading in general. I have a long list of books i want to read but usually I only "read" during my running session while listening to audiotapes but now I have almost established this reading time before going to bed which feels great.

Anyways, I am very eager to do a trip report in the live games and hopefully I can save up/earn a little money to perhaps take a shot in the 5/10€ PLO-game that must be awesome but above my comfort level stakewise. Gonna go out tomorrow but I have a pretty nice schedule so monday nights might be my casino night (start 15:30 on  tuesdays) but I could probably play several nights since I usually start 12:30. Hope to average one whole evening per week but I mean, I am not running so well in live games and I am not gonna invest more then 2000€ or so in the foreseeing future.

Online poker
In september I played very few hands and lost shitloads. Think I have already summarized it but yeah, that sucked. In october Ive only played 5 days so far, was down about only 100€ in play but today Ive won 600€ so far which is kinda nice!

I have been "socializing" a lot lately. Thats awesome but I find that its better to be like "all in" one day per week for me instead of like spending 3-4 chill nights with friends etc when I, even thou it has been amazing, at times feel pressured that I need to study or perhaps improve my spanish. So ill hope to use my time more effectively and I really like the idea to wait for (HU)action and while waiting just study and reading more or less for like all the evenings and go out every weekend.

Btw, I can play PLO too at the site I am allowed but with the limited action then I basically have a rule that I wont play unless I get FL-action so yeah, decided to go limited tempo.

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